As expected, Supermoon is a non-event

This morning, in my area, the moon hung low, like a testicle. Also low is the residual buzz from the whole Supermoon excitement, after all, according to a leading ASTROLOGER, Richard Nolle, “the Earth was supposed to split in half, and apocalyptically be-swallow us whole!” (For more effect, use Professor Farnsworth’s voice, from Futurama.)

Instead we had a full moon on Saturday night, that was about .01% larger and brighter than usual, it was barely noticeable to the naked eye and really, quite ordinary.

This non-event does well to deny the doom-sayers that will bestow the end of the world on us for 2012, wait! It’s been rescheduled for later.

Here’s the thing about the Maya, other than likely having been ritualistic cannibals; If they could predict the end of the world, how come they couldn’t predict the arrival of the Spanish invaders that wound up assimilating the few remaining Maya?

That says a lot about the credibility of a primitive calendar, carved in stone, over 2000 years ago.

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