Polygamist busted after unfriending first wife on Facebook

For those of you getting married for the second time here’s a little pointer – don’t “unfriend” the ex on Facebook before you divorce them. And it’s always a good idea to divorce before you get remarried.

That’s where American Richard Leon Brant went wrong. He married his second wife in Grand Rapids, Michigan before getting divorced from his first wife in Rhode Island, New York. But he did kindly “unfriend” his first wife on Facebook after getting hitched and that was when his tangled web of polygamy began to unravel.

The “unfriending” made the first wife suspicious since she hadn’t heard from Brant in years. Brant, who’d been in and out of jail, abandoned wife number one when he skipped town to avoid parole. With new found intrigue wife number one started creeping through Barton’s friends’ Facebook pages until she came across pictures of him with wife number two.

Brant is now facing polygamy charges and one can assume wife number one feels slightly vindicated. Wife two says she thought Brant was divorced… but perhaps she should have checked his Facebook page. [Stuff.nz]


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