Mysterious glowing spiral photographed in space by the Hubble Space Telescope

Although it appears doctored, the photo, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope is quite authentic. This is surprising because in nature, and thereby space, regular shapes are stunningly rare. Trees are crooked, seldom are they perfectly straight. The branches have different angles, rarely a perfect regular 90° angle, and so on. Animals, and humans, the faces are never perfectly symmetrical (with the notable exception of Amber Heard), and I could continue with mountains, shorelines, etc.

Still, the expert astronomers that have studied the picture claim that it’s only an unusual pre-planetary nebula called IRAS 23166+1655, which is forming near LL Pegasi in the constellation Pegasus. But how do they explain the glow? I will try and illustrate it, as simply as possible so then, to vulgarize: They have no clue.

Some say it’s reflected light from nearby stars, others, that it’s due to the cloud of dust surrounding the whole LL Pegasi area, I call poppycock! I make the claim that it’s simply one of those Eco-energetic, yet incendiary fluorescent spirals, which someone from the Pegasus constellation used to etch their E.T. face into a tree stump, and  forgot to switch off.

Well why not? Could be a really big one.

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    it is God coming our way… hope you are prepared to be raptured…

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