Homer Simpson’s drinking offensive to Lithuanian Censors

You’d be excused for thinking that I’m making this up, but the Lithuanian publisher of the official “The Simpsons” comic was fined for breaching anti-alcohol advertising laws after authorities took offense to Homer’s drinking habits.

In both the original TV cartoon and the comic,  Homer Simpson rarely resists his favorite drink – Duff beer.

However, it has been revealed that the Lithuanian watchdog has taken umbrage to the alcoholic nectar, and said that because unlicensed Duff beer was sold in countries including Mexico and Spain, the publisher breached rules banning the advertising of alcohol. You read that right.

The publisher said it was fined $3838.

They promptly froze publication of the monthly comic while it figured out how to handle the Duff issue.

Bongo Comics, the US company which licenses international versions of the comic, does not allow content changes.

It remains to be seen how they will resolve the issue. Perhaps they need to go to the pub and contemplate it over a beer.

[Courier Mail]

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