How much would you pay for Prince William and Kate Middleton PEZ dispensers?

Or better yet, how much do you think a Royal Family superfan would bid on these pair of PEZ dispensers?  Because no matter what number you came up with, I can almost guarantee that you’re way off.

The winning bidder, an anonymous resident of Connecticut with the user profile Frank841950, ended up paying, are you ready for it, a whopping $13,360 for the PEZ dispensers bearing the likenesses of the soon to be married couple.

Proof once again that most people have more money than brains.

But here’s the good news—PEZ plans on donating the money to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a charity supported by Kate Middleton and her family.  So there’s that.

For $13,360, wonder if the they come preloaded?  I can never get the candy in those things on the first try.



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