Man kills in defense of Mike Tyson’s honor

A Russian college teacher in Tyumen, Siberia killed a house guest when a discussion on the fighting abilities of Mike Tyson and Ukraine’s Klitschko brothers got ugly.

Nikolai Makeyev was enjoying drinks with two friends when the argument started. According to the regional investigating committee:

Makeyev said that Tyson would come out as winner, but his guest accused him of a lack of patriotism. The host did not like that and he fatally stabbed the victim several times in the back.

The other guest managed to escape but also suffered stab wounds.

In continuing their discussion as to who would win in a fight between Mike Tyson and the Klitschko brothers, I would have to say Mike Tyson – on the provision that it is a pre-prison Mike Tyson and that he is fighting one and not both of the brothers.

The Klitschko Brothers



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