Meanwhile in Copenhagen; a commercial sperm bike!

I’ve poked fun at the Japanese a couple of times, yet for all their strange and sometimes uncalled for pass-times, I’d not yet seen a bicycle shaped like sperm. Yet here it is; In Denmark.

The company using it, Nordisk Cryobank, is an European sperm bank and it uses the bicycle to quickly deliver fresh sperm from donors. The model used is based on a cargo-bike. Cargo-bikes are fairly common in Denmark as they ferry merchandise back and forth from suppliers to stores and as such, we’d have a lot to learn from them.

Although I’d love to spot a bike like that in Montreal, I doubt that our weather would allow it during the winter months, although our (allegedly) heated bicycle path downtown is open year round. I could see it running though, in places with a more cooperative temperature, like Toronto, and ironically; San Francisco.


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