Couple Given Pool Time as Punishment

Playing in rivers is one things, but rafting on flood-swollen rivers without life jackets will get you in a pool of trouble with police.

20-year old Grace Nash and 22-year old Bruce Crawford were found guilty of misdemeanor conduct during an emergency after police caught them rafting down a river during a flood. Neither wore life jackets or any safety device.

It took hours for search and rescue crews to find the couple on the Grand River.

The couple managed to get to shore without mishap but lied to police about it when questioned.

Later in court the couple pleaded guilty and the judge handed out an appropriate sentence.

Nash and Crawford had to stand in a pool, wearing life jackets, handing out brochures about water safety last weekend at a festival. The other alternative was 60 days in jail.

Their feet might be pruned but Nash says they’ve learned their lesson. [MSNBC]


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