Give Someone Your Old Stuff on May 14, 2011

Free stuff will be available in neighborhoods all over the country on May 14, 2011. It’s called “Give Your Stuff Away Day”, an event that founder Mike Morone is hoping to establish twice annually. This event could help millions of people in a tough economy, while shrinking landfills, reducing clutter, simplifying our lives, lowering costs, and sparking the economy a bit.

Many of us own items we don’t want anymore – stuff we even forget we own. It might be a previous bike, your clarinet from fourth grade, or clothes from the 80’s. This stuff might not add value to our lives, and may be cluttering our homes, stores, schools, and factories. Yes, we could bring it to goodwill stores, or advertise it on freecycle. But most of us don’t – we just accumulate stuff. In one weekend, let’s identify this stuff and give it away, creating the world’s largest recycling/giveaway event!

On May 14th, to participate in Give Your Stuff Away Day, just bring your surplus stuff to the curb for others to take for free. Think of it as “Earth Day” for the masses. It’s like Halloween with better treats – a fun-filled community weekend where everyone benefits.

Acceptable items: appliances, computers, electronics, bicycles, sporting goods, toys (no lead paint or dangerous parts), tools (be careful with sharp blades), yard and garden equipment, tables, chairs, desks, musical instruments, books, clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, lamps, plants, potted trees, building materials, and other durable goods

Prohibited items: products recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (, garbage, recyclables, weapons, dangerous items, chemicals, food, pornographic items, or illegal items.

Please be aware that it your responsibility to retrieve or dispose of items not picked up.

For more information, head over to Mike Morone’s Facebook page.

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