Half-Brothers Meet Thanks to Photo Op

long lost brother meeting hints on divine intervention

long lost brother meeting hints on divine intervention

When American Rick Hill and his family were vacationing in Hawaii they never dreamed the stranger taking their picture would be someone they knew – let alone someone their related to.

Like any family, the Hills were looking for that perfect family snapshot. That’s when Joe Parker, who lives in Waikiki, offered to do the honors.

Just before snapping the picture Joe said “Say Leonminster.” It’s a small town in Massachusetts right next to the town the Hills are from.

“He said ‘Say Leominster’, that’s where he’s from. So we smiled and said ‘wow, what made you say that?’ And he said ‘That’s where I’m from’ and we said ‘Wow, we’re from the next town over, Lunenburg’,” explained Rick’s wife Maureen Hill.

That’s when the name game started – do you know ….? And it turns out they both knew someone very important to both of them. Dick Halligan – father to Rick and to Joe.

Wife Maureen started crying as the two men put together the pieces and welcomed the fact that although they were strangers they were blood relatives.

“Who would think that you would take a camera from a perfect stranger and it would end up being your sister-in-law and brother you’ve never met before in your life. 6,000 miles away from where we’re from? It’s mind blowing to say the least,” offered Joe Parker.

Rick admits he knew he had a brother but had no idea where to find him. Well, Rick, destiny decided that one for you.

Now that they’ve finally met the two plan on keeping in touch and have been meeting everyday while the Hills are on vacation. [Fox Boston]


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