King tim starts his own country

You are about to find out about a king that no one else has ever heard of before. I know a man who has officially begun his own country, successfully succeeding from the Queen of England. He does many of the things that a normal king would do. He grants titles and knighthoods to men and women who serve him well. He has already started his own army. On top of everything else, I happen to know that his only child, HRH Princess Samantha, is getting ready to release her own line of perfume in two short months.

If you think this is fake or a lie of any kind, I can assure you that I have proof. Go to to see for yourself. But wait, there’s more. The king himself is an employee of Disneyland in Anaheim, and has been for more than twenty years. Who says fantasies don’t come true?

To find out more, head over to Lamianation.

Thanks Mayleene Macias!

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