Chinese Sex Robots: What has science done?


"O" face not included.

The Love Sex Company in China has created a device suited to the modern man, simulating all the conveniences of a female cohabitant without that pesky free will getting in the way: A 5-foot, 5-inch doll that can move, talk, recognize faces, and yes, be an active participant in sex.

These robots, costing well over $5,000 apiece, have drawn the ire of psychologists labeling their users as dominant sociopaths with no interest in real human interaction or intimacy.  Indeed, on top of the sexual functions, fans of sex robot development express the desire for cooking and cleaning functions as well as the ability to converse and look closer to a flesh-and-blood human being.

Obviously, a fully-functional sex robot would put real women in a bind if the two were put in a head-to-head competition: After all, women have needs, whereas sex robots need only power and routine maintenance (perhaps a wash now and again wouldn’t hurt either).  But this technology is at least another decade away from “Mom, meet my girlfriend” status; for now, they’re pretty much as good as blow-up dolls with an iPhone strapped to the forehead. [Source; Image]


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