Man lives with 186-pound tumor

A 31-year old Vietnamese man is setting records in ways not many would envy.

He’s living with a 186-pound tumor, wider than 3 feet, that has been growing from Nguyen Duy Hai’s right leg since he was an infant.

In 1997 doctors amputated at his knee but it didn’t stop the tumor. And it didn’t stop Hai’s positive attitude. Although he can only sit and lie all day he still smiles at everyone who comes his way.

Doctors say it is non-cancerous and could be because of a genetic mutation.

Nonetheless, Hai still wishes for a normal life. His family can’t afford another operation and are now asking others for financial help.

If you are looking to help in anyway The Red Cross will have more information.

Otherwise, remember Hai next time you want to complain about something insignificant. We could all use a little reminder of what amazing things we have in our lives. [Fox News]


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