Future technology allows you to design your own ugly dress

So you feel like you could design your own dress, order it online fit to your exact measurements and have it delivered? Good for you! Now there’s a website that allows you to do just that. The catch? All the dresses they show in their photos are incredibly ugly. So ugly in fact they don’t use any actual models to wear them, I imagine because any actual model would have refused to wear it.

Not only does the fabric look all leathery, but most dresses look like they’re made up entirely of triangles. As if that wasn’t enough, the ones that aren’t made of triangles, look like they were rendered in 1996 using a 3dFX card, then crumpled up and thrown away, then recovered from the garbage bin, burned to a black finish and finally, forced onto the only model that would allow it, a plastic mannequin, and photographed.

Surprisingly the digital camera used didn’t spontaneously combust in a flash of superheated ugly flames.

Having said that, I like their idea for a bikini. I can see how having a perfectly sized bikini to fit might be an advantage for most people, however, they should be careful as they could have some surprises, if they start selling made to measure bikinis to American women.


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