Proposal for an anti-matter hazard sign

With the recent development at CERN of a more stable anti-matter, it’s beginning to become evident that there might be dangers involved. Much like with radio-activity, anti-matter, if put in contact with, let’s say arbitrarily, a human being, could be hazardous.

The way I understand anti-matter, it is the exact copy of matter, only opposite. Apparently when you put matter and anti-matter in each others presence, they will annihilate themselves in a puff of energy. For instance if you had anti-water, and you touched it with your finger which is actually made up of something like 90% water, then both water and anti-water would disappear, leaving you with a very mummified finger, as well as possibly an explosion.

So with all that, wouldn’t it make sense to standardise a universal anti-matter hazard sign? If anything to prevent people like you and I, from inadvertently walking into a room-full of anti-ourselves and poof! Off to anti-Narnia. Therefore it is with great pleasure, that I would like to introduce our We Interrupt to give you a tip of the week segment; Lads, if you see the attached sign on a door or container of any type, make like a banana and leave, do like a tree and split, but whatever you decide, do not under any circumstance open it.

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    […] early adopters across the cyberverse.  Foremost amongst these is the website,, who made a stab at a somewhat technical, somewhat tongue-in-cheek article featuring the symbol last June. Image credit: Armando/Redcrow Design, utilizing antimatter hazard […]

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