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allan waters

Arguably, the best way to prepare for a DUI sentencing is to get drunk.

Allan James Waters arrived at his court date this Friday but could not be sentenced with any of the twelve felony counts to which he had plead guilty in April due to the fact that he appeared drunk in court.

Waters was fired from his job as an Orange County Sheriff’s deputy in June.  He has since been charged with nine felonies related to lying to doctors in order to obtain painkiller prescriptions, two for selling fake drugs (which, to my surprise, is just as illegal as selling the real thing), and one for driving under the influence.  Just to add icing to this cake, he has plead guilty to a sentencing enhancement for causing “great bodily injury” after a crash in March last year.  And as though he needed any more trouble, additional charges could be filed due to his drunken court appearance.  [Source; Image]


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