Zebra thinks it’s a horse, rides and jumps like one

Zack the fence jumping zebra

First there was Luna the cow who jumps fences and now, from Texas, we have Zack the Zebra who also thinks he’s a horse. Owner Sammi Jo Stohler says she decided to train her 6-year old pet zebra to jump because he kept jumping out of his paddock.

Sammi explained:

I could see Zack was very athletic so I thought I’d try him on some show jumping fences and he loved it

The first step was getting the striped beauty used to having a rider on his back. Once that hurdle was overcome Zack took his first jump over a fence without a second of hesitation. Now he’s clearing fences 2ft and 8inches high.

Will Zack make it to the Olympics? Who knows, but it’s nice to see a zebra expanding his horizons.

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