Family comes home to find front lawn missing, possibly stolen

the lawn was here... and now it's gone.

Everything seemed normal when Denise Thompson and her four children returned to their Edmonton, Alberta home Sunday night. That was until she opened her front blinds.

“Oh my God,” she thought. “Where is my grass?”

Yes, her beautiful green, grassy front lawn was gone. Someone had stolen it.

Thompson described the forlorn appearance of her home’s front yard:

Now my place looks like I’m a farmer who just plowed and is ready to put their seeds down

The lawn went missing when Thompson and her kids left to visit her husband in Stettler, Alberta. After canvassing neighbours, she learned that a white truck and trailer had been parked outside her house while she was away. It did not arouse any suspicions because her neighbors thought that it belonged to a landscaping company.

Now all Thompson has is a patch of brown dirt where her grass once grew and her insurance company isn’t sure that her coverage extends to sodding the lot. She really hopes that it was all an accident and that the people responsible will come back and replace her lawn.

Her boys, however, have chosen to look on the bright side:

My boys are excited they don’t have to mow the grass



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