10-Year Old Wins 100m Race, The Runs After Theives

Eloise Leona might have found her calling - catching the bad guy

Eloise Leona might have found her calling - catching the bad guy

You can run but you can’t get away….

A 10-year old British girl has proven health isn’t the only reason to take up running.

Eloise Leonard helped catch 2 thieves after spotting them rummaging through women’s purses in a park in Chelmsfold, Essex. And it all happened minutes after she won the 100m race at her school sports day.

The brave elementary student was walking home with her parents. Perhaps the adrenaline from the race coursing through her veins gave young Eloise the courage to call out to them. Whatever the case, when they didn’t give up the purses she ran after them.

Her parents chased after her but couldn’t keep up.

‘There was no stopping her. I tried to keep up as Tony rang the police on his mobile,’ her mother said. ‘They kept looking back astonished to see her running after them, they dropped one of the handbags.’

In mad pursuit, Eloise tried to flag down two police officers in a patrol car but they didn’t respond right away because they couldn’t believe such a young girl was chasing after the thieves.

Eventually, the 16 and 17-year old males were caught and police are still on the look out for the other two.

Staying modest Eloise told media she was happy to win the race and help catch the crooks adding;

“Best of all, they didn’t have a gun or knife.” [Metro]


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