Man survives 100MPH hit from train

Tony Winskill, a 43 year old disabled and allegedly drunken man, driving a disability scooter was struck by a train traveling at 100MPH on Monday July 25th, in Kelvedon Essex. Incredibly, he not only survived but did so with only some minor cuts and bruises. His scooter however, was badly mangled against the rails. Witnesses say that a couple of inches farther and he would’ve been killed by the train. British Transport Police Inspector Steve Brooks said: “The driver saw him but he was doing 100mph so there was not a lot he could do. The gates have been looked at and there is nothing wrong with them.”

Mr.Winskill was left disabled when a car struck him in 2000, gifting him with severe leg injuries. His son Warren, 19, claims the man had a couple of close calls with his scooter already since he’s been disabled.

In the UK, there exists no law disallowing the operation of a disability scooter while under the influence of alcohol.

This brings me to the We Interrupt to give you a tip segment of the week; Lads, if your daredevil instincts are only surpassed by your desire to drink alcoholic beverages, please stay away from anything mechanical with more power than an electric toothbrush.

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