Angry man takes the no-return policy to a new level

Some people take their disputes to the courts. Others take it into their own hands and sometimes using those hands to drive their “lemon” of a used car into other cars on the lot. That’s what 42-year old Davis Cross did with the van he bought from Portsmouth Used Car Superstore in New Hampshire.

Cross, from Salisbury Massachusetts, bought the van but after his mechanic found many problems with it, he brought it back to the dealer for a return. They refused.

So Cross waited until after the dealership was closed. Returning after midnight he drove the van into seven vehicles on the lot including a Mercedes C300 and a Ford Mustang. Total damage is estimated to be $20,000.

Being a good citizen, Cross reported the incident to a police cruiser parked nearby and was arrested. He is up on seven counts of criminal mischief.

Perhaps the dealership will think twice about their return policy in the future. While going to jail and being arrested is always bad, smashing those cars must have felt really good. [Source | Image]

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