Meanwhile in France, live in a cloud…shaped retreat

In France, you are next to Belgium, and being next to Belgium is a bit like sitting next to the class clown in middle-school, he rubs off on you. Case and point this cloud shaped retreat in France. What they’ve done apparently, is take a camping trailer, slightly modify the shape to make it look vaguely like a cloud, and paint it white. Then, instead of making things interesting by suspending it from the Eiffel Tower, they dumped it by a lake near Bordeaux.

They later proclaimed it a “Refuge” and made a Facebook page for it. Incredibly, 31 people have signed up to go, on September 14th.

They should’ve dumped it in the lake as far as I’m concerned. If you don’t see the point in spending even a single night in a horrendously tacky “roulotte” that looks like something out of a bad TLC show called: “Making Stuff Up”, don’t worry; We don’t see it either.


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