Scottish teen risks life everytime she brushes her hair

Most of us brush our hair every day and night without consequence. For 13-year old Megan Stewart brushing her hair could kill her.

Doctors have diagnosed the teen with a rare condition called “Hair Brushing Syndrome.” It is so rare Stewart’s doctors have actually only heard of one other case. Having the condition means your brain can shut down from the static electricity created while brushing your hair. It’s a scary reality Steward learned when she was 10.

Her mother was brushing her hair on her first day as a grade 6 student when all of a sudden Stewart’s lips turned blue and she flopped over. Now she has to brush her hair when it’s damp with her head hanging over her bed and she can’t touch balloons or wear shiny clothes.

No one has any idea why Stewart has this syndrome but the main theory is it’s because of complications at birth. She weighed only 2pound 5 ounces at birth and had a hole in her diaphragm. Also, only one lung grew because she was so small.

But these are only ideas and there are no cures. Just a teen who’s obsession with her hair is more than warranted. [Source]


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