Drunk woman refused bikini wax, assaults salon staff with towel BUSTED

look at me da wrong way i'll whip ya wit dis towel

look at me da wrong way i'll whip ya wit dis towel

Having a couple of glasses of wine before getting a bikini wax is a common aesthetic secret among women. Getting loaded before one isn’t and can result in short tempers and police arrests.

That’s how it played out for a 39-year old Iowa woman. Anna Bacon-Silveira threw a couple back before she went to a local salon and demanded a bikini wax. It was 1p.m.

When she was denied service at Zender’s Salon and Spa because they thought she was too intoxicated Bacon-Silveira didn’t take it that well. (I guess it was a mess down there and she absolutely needed to get it taken care of then and there.)

So what did she do? Lost her temper, most likely screamed, and took out her frustration on an employee by hitting her with a towel.

A towel? Seriously? What kind of injury do you hope to inflict with a towel? If she’s trying to say she’s not that drunk choosing a towel to assault someone isn’t going to help your case.

Eventually drunk woman who desperately needed her bikini waxed ran away only to be caught by the cops when she decided to run behind the police department which is one block away from the salon.

Bacon-Silveira has been charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and public intoxication. I guess the whole experience was a little sobering because she immediately pleaded guilty to both charges and now has to pay a $390 fine.

And I bet the employee she hit with the towel would love to rip the hair out of any part of her body. It’s legal and it hurts like hell. [Source]


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