Adult sized sandbox for you to play in

This is one my brother will love.

Las Vegas, aka. Sin City, has a new toy for those who love to waste money on fantasy. But it’s a bit more wholesome than the usual treats the city offers. It’s a sandbox for adults.

Complete with excavators and other construction equipment, people pay up to $750US to get their hands dirty digging holes, pushing dirt and moving tires. Yes, these are real construction machines and yes, you pay to use them in a huge abandoned construction site.

Dig This is the name of the company started by Ed Mumm who says he realized operating heavy machinery is a great way to relieve stress of everyday life after using an excavator when building his own home.

Mumm says, “”I thought to myself: If I’m having this much fun, imagine the amount of people that don’t get to do this stuff that would love to do this.”

So Mumm found his sandbox – a site close to projects that were left unfinished in 2008 due to a flailing economy. Located across the highway from the Las Vegas Strip, people get a 10-minute course in how to use the machines then real life construction workers (Dig This trainers) direct participants through headsets as they drive their machines.

Check out the video to see how excited how Mary Fitzsimons, a Dig This customer, is as she’s pretending she’s a construction worker.

Just another way to blow your dough in Las Vegas… Although your liver and your wife might approve of this one more. [Source]

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