Birthday surprise baked in a muffin accidentally becomes real dessert

Xiao Lee of China wanted nothing more than to surprise his girlfriend, Wang Xue, on her birthday by giving her an expensive necklace.  Lee’s plan was to hide said necklace in Xue’s birthday muffin, then sit back and watch her face light up in delight when she discovered her gift.

Little did Lee know that his girlfriend really, really loves sweets, because she scarfed down the muffin in record time, necklace and all.

Nice thought, poor execution. has all the gastric details…

‘I thought it would show how much I love her and it would be a good joke too. But before I could say anything she’d swallowed it in one bite and I had to tell her the truth on the way to hospital,’ Lee said.

After taking an X-ray doctors decided they would need to perform endoscopic surgery to remove the necklace from the 22-year-old’s stomach. A probe was put down her throat and her birthday pressie was fished out as good as new.

Well, not good as new, but pretty darn close.  Will Xue ever want to wear the necklace knowing it saw the inside of her stomach.  I think so…I mean, it could have been a lot worse.  She could have let it pass through her system naturally, then cleaned it off after fishing it out of her, ummm, movement.

In that case, yeah, I don’t think her boyfriend would have any problem with his girlfriend not wearing her  birthday present…ever.


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