Forty-six-year-old gamer chokes 13-year-old nemesis

Mark Bradford, 46, is apparently not a man that likes to lose. When the unemployed father of three was gunned down by a 13-year-old in Call of Duty he took it to heart and the smack talk that followed pushed him over the edge.

Bradford allegedly “charged round” to the house of a friend of the schoolboy in question and grabbed his little nemesis by the throat. The attack only stopped when the boy’s “horrified” mother pulled Bradford from her son. It is said that he was left “scratched” and with “reddening to the neck.”

Bradford expressed contrition and described his attack on the boy, who is loosely connected to his family, as a “moment of madness”:

‘I’d been playing the whole day and he was baiting me and baiting me and just would not shut up. He went on and on and I just lost it. I hold my hands up, I lost the plot. In a moment of madness I went round to his house. I didn’t know what I was going to do. It wasn’t malice. I just grabbed him. I’ve seen him since and apologised. We’ve played online too. He’s actually a decent kid.

Bradford pleaded guilty to one count of assault by beating at Plymouth Magistrate’s Court.

Your author does not personally condone violence, but have you heard some of the stuff that kids say when they are gaming online? It would make a sailor blush. Scratches heal and reddening fades, but the lesson that he learned will last a lifetime: reality hits you hard, bro. [Image: Fark]


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