Dutch man tries smuggling over a dozen hummingbirds…in his pants

These poor, defenseless hummingbirds definitely weren’t flying the friendly skies.  More like the sweaty, rank, crotchtastic skies in this Dutch guy’s pants.  That’s just gross.

Yes, that picture is exactly what it looks like—over a dozen live hummingbirds lining a man’s pants in a vain attempt to smuggle them from French Guiana.  Apparently his fidgeting and restlessness gave him away, because the man didn’t bother to sedate the tiny birds before stuffing them down his trousers.

A little planning and forethought and maybe our Dutch friend would have gotten away with it.  Lesson here is, always sedate animals you’re trying to smuggle on an airplane.

From the Daily Mail (who has more hummingbird and crotch shots)…

But fortunately for the unfortunate birds authorities noticed the passenger acting suspiciously and he was detained by French customs officers.

When his underwear was removed, officials discovered the haul of hummingbirds – who are not believed to have been sedated – lining the front.

Seems this person has a previous conviction of…wait for it…trying to smuggle hummingbirds.  If at first you don’t succeed, stuff them down your pants?

Hopefully the birds are doing well.  No word on what the traveler has been charged with, if anything, but let’s just pray he doesn’t try smuggling hummingbirds again, as there’s no telling where he might try “hiding” them, if you catch my drift.


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