New memory stick doubles as sex toy

Because they some how think we need this…

Designers for Crave in San Francisco have created a USB stick drive that doubles as a vibrator for women. Now you can store your PowerPoint presentation on the thing that gives you pleasure.

It’s a waterproof, 16GB device that’s sleek and silent delivering “powerful and precise vibration exactly where you want it.”

A spokesperson says, “The tip, inside edges, and outside edges provide slightly different intensities so that you can customize your pleasure!”

The geniuses behind the Duet are Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac. I’m not sure what made them think of this but I’m sure they’re going to sell. Unless people are too embarrassed to buy something like that.

Perhaps their motivation to creating such a thing is too many run ins with stressed out business women they felt needed a way to relax at the office.

Currently Crave is looking for funding to get the product off the ground and they’ve reached 340% of their goal ($50, 962.) You can still support if you believe in the cause… and you’ll be one of the first to get the Duet. Check out the link here.



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