German cops arrest drunken Jedi Master Yoda following hit and run

"Handle my liquor I cannot..."

First off, what is Yoda doing in Germany, instead of his home planet of Dagobah?  And secondly, for someone who’s reportedly so wise, why is he drinking and driving and running into pedestrians?

Wait—what are the chances that this isn’t the real Yoda, but some inebriated 42-year-old German guy in a costume?  Yeah, going to have to go with the latter on this one.

After a pedestrian in Germany was struck by a vehicle that fled the scene, cops were able to find the car involved in the accident.  Imagine their surprise when they found the driver was a a very drunk Yoda.  Thankfully the pedestrian suffered only minor injuries.  Our soused Jedi Master was taken down to the police station where he was administered a blood alcohol test, had his driver’s license confiscated, and was sent on his way.

Seems the Force was not with this Yoda wannabe.

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