Man feared eaten by cannibals while yachting around the world

It’s the stuff horror movies are made of.

A German economist, traveling around the world in a yacht, maybe the victim of cannibals on the remote French Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas. When I say victim I unfortunately mean feast.

Stefan Ramin, 40, was taking the “trip of a lifetime” with his girlfriend Heike Dorsch who is also an economist. Stopping at Nuku Hiva the two planned to spend several months on the island before continuing on their adventure which would end in New Zealand.

According to his girlfriend, Ramin went on a goat-hunting expedition with a local guide named Henri Haiti. When the guide returned sans Ramin. Haiti told the girlfriend, “There’s been an accident. He needs help.”

Of course Dorsch believed the man and went with him. That’s when he chained her to a tree and sexually assaulted her for hours, until she was able to escape and make it to authorities.

It took a week for 22 police officers to uncover what could possibly be left of Ramin. Ashes in embers, bones, jawbone, teeth and melted metal, thought to be from fillings in teeth. Sources say the remains seem to be that of a human body chopped into pieces and burned.

The findings are being tested in Paris to confirm if DNA matches that of Ramin. These could be the last pieces of the man.

One person might be doubting the whole things. Apparently, after the update was posted on Facebook one of his friends responded, “It is unbelievable, unspeakably horrible but may not all be true.”

Hopefully it’s not true. And hopefully he didn’t abandon his girlfriend, leaving her to the scarring experience that she had.

Believe me, French civilisation has taught these islanders to eat cheeseburgers and canned food, not people, and their wild pigs are far tastier.

For the record, locals on Nuku Hiva refute the claims, with one journalist paraphrasing:



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