Scrabble player wants opponent strip-searched

Nigel Richards of New Zealand won the competition

Nigel Richards of New Zealand won the competition

It’s nail-biting tension in the world of competitive scrabble playing. High stake prizes and strip searches of opponents. Who knew building words could be like this?

This year’s World Scrabble Championship is the stage for the latest in board game drama. Tempers were boiling when the coveted “g” went missing during a match. England’s competitor, Ed Martin, was going head to head with Thai player, Chollapat Itthi-Aree. All eyes turned to Martin when he was accused of stealing the “g.”

Itthi-Aree asked official to strip search the Brit, in the privacy of the bathroom. There’s a $20,000 prize at stake and in Thai Bhat that’s an awful lot of coinage. But his request was denied and Martin went on to win the game.

The illusive “g” wasn’t mentioned again.

It didn’t matter in the long run. Martin didn’t get the kitty; New Zealand’s Nigel Richards did becoming the first person to win the coveted Scrabble title twice. His acceptance speech was, “Nice.”

Notice how he didn’t use a “g” … the mystery continues. [Source]


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