Taco Bell customer settles grievance with Molotov

Police in Albany, Georgia are on the lookout for a particularly unhappy Taco Bell customer. The man, who was apparently dissatisfied with the amount of meat in his two XXL chalupas, became irate when he called the manager of the restaurant and was told that she was unable to help because the store was closing for the night. He ended the phone call with some racial abuse and a promised that he would “redecorate the place” – which he allegedly did with gusto – and by gusto I mean a bottle of gasoline with a burning rag stuffed in the top.

Police say that he returned to the Taco Bell some time after 4 a.m., hurled his Molotov cocktail through the drive-thru window and made good on his threats. Nobody was hurt.

On a personal note, I understand where he was coming from – with the anger, not the racial abuse and firebombing. When you eat out, whether you are at a Michelin starred restaurant or a fast food eatery, you should be able to expect your food to be of a certain standard. Apparently the customer is not “always right” at Taco Bell.


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