Wife tried to cut off husband’s head with chainsaw [allegedly]

“You tried to cut my head off. You’re going to jail.”

That’s what cops heard when they arrived at a domestic violence call in Washington. And apparently that’s what happened.

As 36-year old man, the husband, was sleeping when he was awoken by the sound of a chain saw. Flipping on the light he was his wife with the power tool. Obviously he jumped to conclusions.

When police questioned the 43-year old wife she said he had the chainsaw because she saw an intruder who then escaped through her daughter’s bedroom window. This is where the hole in the story appeared. Cops checked the point of escape and found that the window had a child safety lock that prevented it being opened by more than a couple of inches – too small for all but the tiniest of burglars.

The wife was charged with domestic abuse, with bail set at a hefty $250,000. The husband escaped with minor cuts and scratches.



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