Another Earth spotted

Astronomers, properly spelled with an S after the A and not ‘atronomers’ as I had misspelt it during the first draft of this article, have confirmed the existence of another planet very similar to the Earth. Although not very similar in size at 2.4x, the surface temperature is of 22°C. However the astronomers don’t know if the planet is going to be gasseous, liquid, or rocky.

A lot of bloggers have started calling this other planet “Earth 2.0” to which I say, assuming it is another Earth, why is it THEIRS that must be the 2.0? Can’t OURS be 2.0 and theirs be the original? Among other existential questions are for instance, is there another one of each of us, of me, on that planet? And if so,are they, is he 2.4 times bigger than me?

The planet’s actual name by the way is Kepler 22-b.

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