Cop gets DUI after getting drunk on purpose helping to teach DUI class

How about a frosty cold glass of irony to start your day?  Sounds delicious to me.

Joseph Gaeta is a police officer with the Midland Park police in New Jersey, and recently he teamed up with the Bergen County Police Academy as a volunteer in their DWI class.  Gaeta’s role was to get drunk, on purpose of course, to show the officers participating in the class how he would respond to field sobriety tests while sober, and at varying levels of intoxication.

Sweet gig if you can get it.

After being driven home, the 31-year-old Gaeta decided to hop on his four-wheel ATV and go for a drunken spin…illegally on the street.  Then he took a corner too fast and flipped his machine, resulting in some severe facial injuries, and charges of driving while intoxicated, along with other vehicle violations.

Wonder if the Bergen County Police Academy will call Galea next time they have a DWI class, only using weed instead of alcohol?  I’ll go out on a limb and say not a chance.

[Chicago Sun Times]


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