Man wins Lamborghini, crashes it

A truck driver who won a $360,000, 640-horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster in a convenience store contest crashed the vehicle within six hours of it coming into his possession.

After winning the convertible in a contest run by Maverik convenience stores, 34-year-old David Dopp indicated that he intended to sell his valuable prize:

I already had offers on it. I’m going to sell it. I have bills more important than a Lamborghini. I’ve got a family to support.

Six hours later, Dopp had crashed his new prize. The crash occurred after he took a curve at about 45 mph, and in so doing “hit some black ice and spun out.” He described the damage as not being “super bad” and said that it included a punctured oil pan and wheel and a few dents and scratches on the front and back ends of the car.
The silver lining, if there was one, is that the car was insured. Dopp had to take out insurance, which runs at a staggering $3,500 for six months, before he could pick up the car. He was not ticketed over the accident.

Video: David Dopp in happier times
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    why is this even news? what was the point? no fraud, no illegal activity or wreckless driving. i don’t get it…

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