Gravediggers being sued for jumping on coffin during service

the roman catholic graveyard where the casket didn't go down

the roman catholic graveyard where the casket didn't go down

Elementary students around the world learn if an object is bigger than the hole you’re trying to put it in, it won’t fit. In fact, most toddlers learn that when they shove that piece in the toy it wasn’t meant to go in. Apparently it’s a lesson that was never learned by a couple of gravediggers in Pittsburgh.

During a funeral service for 91-year old Agnes Zimmick in 2009, the pair jumped up and down on the casket when it wouldn’t fit into the hole they dug. They were also seen poking and stomping on the casket.

(ummmm… hello tact… are you in there?)

After the service the family went to visit the graves of other loved ones. Walking back to the car they saw the gravediggers disrespecting Zimmick’s casket. Horrified her son, granddaughter and great-granddaughter watched as the unspeakable happened and now they are suing the Pittsburgh diocese and its Catholic Cemeteries Association for compensation on the basis of emotional distress.

According to the family’s lawyer, Richard Sandow, it was devastating. “‘You’re not dealing with lumber. You’re dealing with the deceased. There were many jumps, shoves and stomps.”

However, the US Cemeteries Association says they investigated the family’s complaint and believe nothing was done wrong.

Annabelle McGannon, executive director of the US cemeteries association says, ‘The family filed a complaint and we investigated it thoroughly. We are confident after our investigation that the allegations are unfounded.”

Because people just like to make these things up. Probably they were waiting for a chance to file a fake lawsuit.  Source.


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