Octogenarian jailed over fake breast exams

An 81-year-old South Florida man will spend 13 months of his twilight years behind bars for pretending to be a doctor and offering free breast exams.

On Friday, Phillip Winikoff pleaded no contest to eight charges related to his bogus exams, which took place in a short-lived door-to-door groping spree at a Lauderdale Lakes apartment complex in April 2011. In that time he managed to assault two women. In return for his plea of no contest, Winikoff was sentenced to 13 months in prison, three years of community control. He will then spend 15 years on sex offender probation. However, statistics indicate that he is unlikely to have to serve the full term of his probation on account of his advanced age.

Had the case gone to trial, Winikoff could have been sentenced to 45 years for sexual battery and 10 years for practicing medicine without a license.


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