Drunk driver hits deer, gets DUI after taking injured animal to hospital for treatment

This is a bit of a confusing scenario—should the driver be commended for doing the humane thing by trying to help the deer he hit with his car, or should he only be punished and chastised for drinking and driving?  Does his act of kindness towards the injured animal offset, at least somewhat, the fact that he recklessly endangered the lives of others by driving while under the influence of alcohol?  Granted, driving while drunk is just about the most stupid and selfish act one person can engage in, but still, he did try and help an innocent animal that he struck with his car, something that very few of us would ever do if we were in the same situation.  That has to account for something, right?

Pictured is Greece, NY resident Andrew Caswell, the individual in question who was charged with DUI after being stopped by police following a report from an eyewitness who saw Caswell and three other men arguing on the side of the road after they had struck a deer with their car.  The witness said that he overheard Caswell tell the others that he was going to take the animal to Unity Hospital for treatment, after loading the deer into the car.  For the record, Unity Hospital is a people hospital, not a veterinary clinic or animal hospital.

Cops stopped Caswell before he made it to Unity Hospital, according to WHEC.com, and subsequently charged him with DUI after his BAC was found to be 0.16.

Police stopped the vehicle, which was occupied by four people, and asked the driver, 29-year-old Andrew Caswell, what happened. According to police, Caswell said he hit a deer and that he was going to take it to Unity hospital so that it could be saved. The deer was located in the trunk of the car deceased.

Police say Caswell showed signs of intoxication and was subsequently charged with DWI and leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident. Police say his BAC was.16%. He was released and is due in court at a later date.

Sadly the deer did not survive.  We can at least take solace in knowing that the animal died with dignity—hit by a drunk guy then stuffed in the trunk of his car.  Yeah, that’s how I want to go.


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    Well its a nice thing to do, dang thats a tough one, cause you know you can save a life but you are putting others in danger in the process. If its this planet, then the deer died and the guy was arrested. On some other planet the deer would live and dude would still pay his dues knowing inside he did something sorta right.

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