Utah hospital caregiver goes overboard with the personal touch, performs sex act on unconcious patient

I can’t think of anything worse than getting so wasted that you not only get picked up by police after they catch you being drunk and peeing in public, but you pass out in the back of the police cruiser and, unable to wake you, the cops end up taking you to hospital for treatment of possible alcohol poisoning.

Oh wait, yes I can, now that I’ve heard the sordid story of Hal Weston, a 46-year-old caregiver at Logan Regional Hospital in Utah.  Yeah, when you think things can’t get any worse, there’s always guys like Weston ready to sodomize you and perform oral sex on you while you’re unconscious in hospital.

From The Smoking Gun

According to police, the male victim was brought to the hospital after officers were unable to rouse him after he passed out in a police cruiser. At the hospital, the unconscious man (who was to be charged with public intoxication, trespass, and public urination) was put into an exam room, which was concealed behind a curtain.

Cops noted that an officer, who had been writing a police report, went into the exam room to check up on the unconscious man. That’s when patrolman James Gale spotted Weston performing oral sex on the patient around 2 AM.

Weston was charged with forcible sodomy and taken to jail, but made bail and was released later that day.  Least shocking news, other than Weston sexually assaulting an unconscious patient, is that he was fired from his job.  Guess they didn’t care for his “personal touch.”  Either that or they were upset that his sex acts on the passed out drunkard weren’t covered by health insurance, and buddy didn’t have enough money to pay for the services.


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