Blood donor wins tickets to Superbowl, kindness is repaid

donating blood does save lives...

donating blood does save lives...

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A regular blood donor at a clinic in Layfayette, Indiana, was more than shocked when she won a pair of tickets to the Superbowl thanks to all her giving.

Carol Sikler, 50, has been giving blood since her husband died in 2003 as a way to repay all the blood he was given during two lengthy hospital stays. Her goal was to “break even” and match the amount he was given with what she gave in blood and platelets. Deciding to continue giving after she met her goal, Sikler has given 143 units to this date.

“It’s a way for me to do something for someone that can’t ever thank me or pay me back personally. It’s giving without expectation,” she told reporters.

The frequency of her donations made her eligible for the Superbowl ticket draw, which was open to anyone who donated four or more times in the space of three months.   Source


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