Thief breaks into SUV, steals woman’s teeth

For the past few weeks, residents of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, have been victims of a series of car break-ins. One or more thieves are smashing the windows of vehicles to grab the goods they want. It seems they’re not too picky about what they take.

Kathy Saunoras had the window of her SUV smashed even though the doors were open and the culprits stole her dentures. Yes, they took fake teeth that are of no good to anyone else but the person to whom they are fitted.

“They took my teeth, nothing else.” Saunoras told reporters. “It’s costing me money and they didn’t get anything out of my car except my teeth.  I’m looking at $350 for my window and $500 to replace my dentures they took.”

Other victms have lost things of value like iPods, GPS systems and headphones. But you gotta wonder what makes someone steal someone’s dentures? They’re not getting any money for them and it’s just plain gross…. and stupid.

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