Weird new “food safety” laws now effective in a state near you

With the new year also come along new legislations, and what’s better than a new legislation? A new and weird legislation. For instance, in California, the manufacture, sale or distribution of beer with any added caffeine in it is now illegal. The Golden State now also forbids the sale of expired infant/baby formula, which also means that until January 1st, it was legal to sell expired baby food in California.

If that’s not disturbing enough, consider the following: In Illinois, a new law will require purchasers of any “caustic and noxious substances,” including many household items that include products containing sulfuric or hydrochloric acids, to reveal their identities to retailers who must keep a log book detailing such purchases. And the law goes further than that; Purchasing the “caustic and noxious substances” must be for manufacturing, scientific, teaching, or agriculture purposes or it is illegal to possess them. That means that if I’m a freelance inventor, who is about to develop a way to treat prostate cancer with a “caustic or noxious substance” I will be unable to obtain the substance legally.

But it’s perfectly fine to go buy a rifle or handgun.

They have also limited the regulation of non-hazardous food produced in home kitchens to only state-certified local health departments. That last sentence, directly quoted from the bylaw, makes no sense to me either but hey, if anyone understands what they mean please write me to explain!



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