Florida woman’s curse costs her over $130,000

A Florida woman, Priti Mahalanobis is a college educated mother of two. She ran a business and was going through a tough time when in the mail, she received a 20$ voucher for a psychic reading so she went to see Peaches Stevens, AKA Mrs. Starr. The psychic told Mrs. Mahalanobis that there was a curse on her family that could be removed but that she needed lots of cash, credit cards, jewelry and gift cards in order to assist with the rituals.

Incredibly Mrs. Mahalanobis, a college educated woman, went along with it, to the point that seven months later she had paid over $130,000 to Mrs. Starr, keeping some of it hidden from Mr. Mahalanobis.

On Jan. 11, Stevens, 29, was arrested on felony charges of obtaining property by fraud. Stevens, who lives in Winter Garden and was released from the Orange County Jail on $22,000 bail. Also to be noted, Mrs. Mahalanobis seems to have attended Saturday Night Live’s clown college.

Mrs. Mahalanobis, if you’re reading this, I have an app I can sell you for your Android phone that will cure all your curses, it’s also good against arthritis and other joint pains, infertility, flatulance, hair loss and incontinence. It’s also super-effective against your Paypal account.


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