Ontario man gets in trouble with police after daughter draws picture of gun

A Kitchener, Ontario man ,Jessie Sansone, was taken into police custody, and he was strip searched because his 4 year old daughter had made a drawing of a man holding a handgun. Then when asked who the man was, she answered: “It’s my daddy, he shoots monsters and bad guys.” Which when translated into normal adult talk probably means: “My dad plays Wii with a Wii Zapper.”

And while I certainly understand that it might be normal for a 4 year old to not make the difference between a Wii Zapper gun, and an actual firearm, the school principal is another story. How does he justify calling the police over this without contacting the family first.

Steve Zack, the principal said that a staff member called child welfare officials because the law requires them to report anything involving the safety or neglect of a child. What I deeply dislike about this story is the lack of involvement that the school had with the child’s family, before calling the police, a simple meeting with him, perhaps showing him the drawing and at worst, expressing concern about the handgun could’ve been enough to get an explanation. No. They had to call the police.

How about the child’s mother or other family members, have the school’s staff members thought of perhaps contacting them, before making it a police matter? No.

Fathers everywhere must be glad that Nintendo doesn’t make a cleaver attachment for the Wiimote.



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