“Dead” woman climbs out of coffin six days after proclaimed dead

Li Xiufeng, 95, was thought dead and put in a coffin to be buried

When neighbors found 95-year old Li Xiufeng she was lying on the floor of her home, lifeless and not breathing. Try as they might they couldn’t revive the woman. It was two weeks after the Beiliu, Guangxi Province native had tripped and hit her head and with no signs of life she was proclaimed dead.

Since Xiufeng lived alone, her neighbor, Chen Qingwang, took care of the burial arrangements. As Chinese tradition dictates she was laid to rest in a coffin in her home for family and friends to come and pay their respects.

Then on the day before she was to be buried, Quingwang went to look in on the coffin and found Xiufeng’s corpse was missing.

Bewildered and scared they frantically started looking for the dead woman – only to find her in her own kitchen cooking a meal. Sources say she told the villagers, “ ‘I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat. I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out.’

Doctors say Xiufeng suffered an artificial death where the person seems to be dead and isn’t breathing but the body stays warm. Quingwang admits when he found his lifeless neighbor, her body was indeed still warm.
Thankfully, Xiufeng awoke before being buried alive. However, it is a bitter sweet revival since all of her possessions were burned as Chinese tradition prescribes you must do this in preparation for the deceased’s journey to the afterlife.  Source.

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