Woman eats 4,000 sponges, 100 bars of soap in 4 years

Pica is a rare disorder that causes people to have uncontrollable cravings for things that aren’t food. I hadn’t heard anything about it until recently and now I’ve heard of two women, both in the UK who are suffering from this.

First, the pregnant lady who was eating furniture polish (ummm… good for the baby?)

Now, it’s 21-year old woman who has a fancy for dish sponges, presumably of the plastic kind since I’m sure real sponge found in the ocean could somehow be considered food at some point.

Kerry Trebilcock says she’s eaten more than 4,000 sponges and 100 bars of soap (only lemon or lime scented) since being diagnosed with the disorder in 2008.

Apparently the dental assistant developed it after contracting ringworm during a trip to Morocco that year.

For her, it’s a snack of choice and she prefers them cut up with hot sauce or BBQ sauce and she even carries this around with her in Tupperware so she is never without a solution to her craving.

While it seems quite funny it’s also alarming. How can this possibly be good for her? Ingesting plastic, man-made stuff that is probably sitting in her stomach, unless of course Pica gives her body some easy to digest non-food items. Just a thought.  Source.

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