New diet feeds liquid food through your nose

on the KED diet you wear this nasal tube for 10 days

on the KED diet you wear this nasal tube for 10 days

There’s a new diet craze that’s hit Britain, where you don’t eat anything for 10 days. Instead you have a tube inserted in your nose, carry around a pump, and a liquid filled with your daily nutrients drips into your stomach for 23 out of 24 hours a day. Unless you decide to not take the hour off for bathing then it’s 24 hours of the nutritional nasal drip.

The Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet is the brain child of Italian Gianfranco Cappello, an associate professor at University of Rome’s La Sapienza Hospital. He’s an expert in artificial feeding and he’s created this non-food diet as a way for people to shed up to 10% of their total body weight in those 10 days.

It’s success in Italy has brought it to Britain where a respected gastroenterologist has opened a clinic for the extreme weight loss treatment.  Dr Ray Shidrawi explains to the Daily Mail how it works:

‘Without carbohydrates, two things happen… First, you don’t feel hungry. Second, your body starts to burn fat stores at a huge rate. When the diet is administered steadily over 24 hours, the body remains in a fat-burning mode.”

While there are many people who criticize the new diet craze Shidrawi is adamant it is a healthy way to loose weight:

‘Early humans all lived on a ketogenic (fat burning) diet of meat and fat. Of course, we couldn’t put someone on a diet like this for weeks on end, but for ten days it is safe and improves health.’

The KED treatment in Britain is 375 pounds ($590) for the first round and 350 pounds ($550) for any cycles after this.

Ok… I’m sorry… but WTF???

Early humans also had to hunt their own food and were far more active. Plus there is indication that early humans did eat things like berries and make bread which are carbohydrates. But all that aside, how can not eating for 10 days with a nasal drip tube in your nose be good for anyone who isn’t sick and can’t eat any other way? Isn’t it just feeding the belief that food is our enemy and we don’t need to control our unhealthy eating habits?  Why bother refusing that piece of cake or fries with your burger. It’s not your fault you’re making unhealthy choices. It’s the food’s fault because it’s there.

How is this helping people learn how to eat healthy, choose food that nourishes the body instead of processed crap, or encourage you to get more active. For the emotional eater or the sufferer of binge eating disorders, where is the strategy to change the way you’re brain is thinking about food? Doesn’t this just reaffirm the concept that food is your enemy?

We living  in a society where the capitalization of food has created a belief that we eat because it’s there not necessarily for it to be fuel for our bodies. And now the capitalization of the diet industry has led to another quick fix solution to get rid of those extra pounds instead of learning to love that salad and enjoy that sweat from a good workout.

It just doesn’t seem as if this is anything more than extreme dieting. I’d love to know what Jamie Oliver thinks of this.


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