Meanwhile in China: Keychains with live animals inside

Chinese street merchants have achieved a new low in animal cruelty, they’re now selling key chains, containing a nutrient enriched solution that they claim will allow the enclosed turtle, fish or salamander to survive for up to two months.

Yep, you’ve read that right, several You Tube videos have started appearing since last fall, where street merchants are shown as they sell key chains or cell phone fobs with a live animal in it, and barely enough space for them to move. Of course this has raised a very red flag among animal rights activists, who obviously condemn this usage of living beings.

The key chains are becoming increasingly popular around elementary schools, where they are marketed to students from the stationary shops surrounding campus. They sell for as little as 5 kuai.

According to Xinhua, regardless of how many bogus claims the venders make about the water, these animals die in a matter of days, if not hours. And since animal cruelty laws in China are pretty much non-existent, and cover only wild animals, there’s not much that the Chinese government or police can do for now.

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